Monday, March 17, 2008

Proposed Structure for the New Spec (Teacher Panel Session)

The Latymer School (.pdf)

Cauldon Castle School (.pdf)

Wayne O'Brien (.pdf)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guide to blogging

downloadable pdf step by step here

Saturday, March 15, 2008


To the OCR Media Conference Blog for 2008

This is the third year we have run the conference and we are glad to be back at our original venue from two years ago- CCTV in Smithfield.

This blog will provide links to resources from the day, some of which were prepared specially by our speakers

More Photos

Alan Horrox and David Sleight after their presentations, Paul Green prepares for his session on Radio and Jason and James discuss a point before the afternoon session

Photos from the Day

Lunchtime at the bookstall, Ricky explains some technical stuff and delegates get ready for the afternoon sessions

Friday, March 14, 2008

AS Exam Workshop

EMI Case Study (.pdf)

Essential Direct Article (.pdf)

Music Simulation Exercise (.pdf)

The Music Industry SOW (.pdf)

Institutions & Audiences (.pdf)

Post Modernism

Contemporary Media Regulation (.pdf)

Contemporary Media Regulation (.ppt)

Post Modernism (.pdf)

Post Modernism (.ppt)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Introductory Session

Dexter viral campaign

Daily Mail coverage of the new spec

H.E. Session Links

University of Lincoln Media Production course here

University of Hertfordshire Department of Film and Television here

David Sleight - Lincoln (.pdf)

WeMedia Session Links

WeMedia Presentation (.pdf)

Die Hard sweded

OK GO Lego

Madonna machinima

Anime music Video

What is Machinima?

WeMedia Intro site

Democracy Wall

Wikipedia DIY ethic

Speakers' sites


longroadmedia youtube showcase(Pete Fraser, Ricky Hudson)

Hurtwood House Youtube showcase(James Baker)

Acland Burghley School Media Showcase (Jason Mazzochi)

Latymer school youtube
showcase (Nikki Blackborow)

Caludon Castle School Media Wiki (Steff Hutchinson)



English and Media Centre

Apple Education UK

Auteur Publishing

Hodder A level textbook

Resources created for the day

Paul Green's Radio session website here

Donna Cooper-Cliftlands Production Session Blog

Previous conferences and INSET days

Last year's blog here

2006 blog here

the Get started INSET blog here

Jim Canty

Jim's music video and advert showreels at HSI London

His Kaiser Chiefs Video on Youtube